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Along with consuming plenty of water, following a healthy diet, and exercising, a proper skin care routine with quality products is essential for a radiant and glowing complexion.  At Lower Highlands Dermatology, we are proud to carry medical-grade skin care products that will help your skin look and feel its best. Stop by our office between 8 and 5, Monday thru Friday to purchase any of our quality products.

In addition to our exceptional skin care line, please visit our services page to view the treatments we offer to help you reach your desired result. As always, you can contact our office to answer any questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment. 





  • Elta Clear
  • Elta MD UV Daily Tinted
  • Elta MD UV Facial



  • Glytone KP Kit
  • Glytone Mild Gel Wash
  • Glytone Night Renewal
  • Glytone Vitamin C
  • Glytone Bleaching/Sun Vanish
  • Glytone Boost
  • Glytone Heel Cream
  • Glytone Hydrate Replenishing Lotion



We carry the Natura Bisse product line which is only held in limited spa's, medical offices and boutiques around the world. Natura Bisse facials available in our office include: 


A 30-minute glycopeel which leaves your skin feeling instantly renewed with no downtime and no redness. This treatment safely regenerates your skin's surface, delivering maximum luminosity. 


A 60-minute facial treatment for every skin type, especially beneficial for dull or dehydrated skin due to its decongestive and brightening action that restores a healthy natural glow. The pure oxygen molecules which are released into your skin energize your cells and helps eliminate toxins, purifying and balancing skin, and restoring all is tone and vitality. 

  • Natura Bisse C + C Cream SPF 10
  • Natura Bisse  C and C Dry Oil Antioxidant Sunscreen 30
  • Natura Bisse Oxygen Complex
  • Natura Bisse Oxygen Cream 
  • Natura Bisse Cleansing Gel with AHA 
  • Natura Bisse Stabilizing Cleansing mask
  • Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Oil
  • Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Mask
  • Natura Bisse Tensolift Neck
  • Natura Bisse The Cure Cleanser
  • Natura Bisse The Cure Toner
  • Natura Bisse The Cure Eye Cream
  • Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel
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